6-2013 #2

Decades ago, I was a very young and overwhelmed parent that felt lost and lonely, useless and powerless. I became a mom much too early in life and I struggled with a very premature infant that had special needs. I was newly married, alone and isolated in a place far away from my own family with very little support.

Not soon enough, but gratefully, I crossed paths with a woman I call my SOS, a Supportive Objective Someone, who guided me to grow and thrive as a parent. This connection had such a positive impact on me I decided I wanted to give back someday. I then joined a mom’s group to get support and be an SOS to others and soon found myself running the group.

Fast-forward seven years and two other children later. Soon after my third child was born a friend of mine confided that a neighbor had sexually abused her daughter and I found myself not only being an SOS but a strong advocate as well. My objective to help parents deal with parenting challenges was intensified.

This experience caused me to grow again as a parent, a person and a professional. I established a non-profit agency to prevent child abuse in my community and then went on to finish my college education and acquire a Master’s in Social Work while going through a divorce and parenting three adolescent boys. Phew!

Out in the work world I held various roles; all working with and helping parents grow. I spent the bulk of my working profession employed as a school social worker counseling parents and children whether in the regular classroom or special education arena to maximize their greatest potential, regardless of abilities.

In 2005 I went back to school to become a PCI Certified Parent Coach® and started my online parent coaching business, The Progressive Parent, LLC, the following year. Four years later, I acquired a client who had twins, both on the spectrum. This mom was challenged by the school system as her daughter’s were about to enroll into kindergarten but with my guidance and support she was able to advocate for the best possible placements for each girl. It was at that point that I knew I wanted to focus on helping parents of children recently diagnosed with autism and Parent Coaching for Autism was born in 2010.

Since then I have worked with: a parent of a child with PDD in Australia to reduce her daughter’s social anxiety and expand her ability to interact socially and acquire friends at school; a single dad from Canada who was struggling to help his son with Asperger’s make a positive transition into adulthood; a grandmother of a seven year old boy in Maine to better understand and manage his behaviors as well as discover new ways to communicate; and have transformed the lives of many, many more along the way.

I am here to help you uncover abilities in order to change possibilities for you, your child and your family.

Let’s chat so I can listen to your story and guide you to maximize your child’s greatest potential! I help parents from all over the world –  I’m just a phone call away. You don’t even have to leave the house or get a sitter! How convenient is that?

Her mission continues to be helping parents achieve harmony in their home, work and family life. Due to her previous contact with autistic individuals and the alarming numbers of children being diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Connie is focusing her services on helping parents of young children recently diagnosed with autism. Her past experience working within schools equips her with the necessary knowledge to navigate any school system in order to adequately address the special needs of students. Her extensive training in child abuse prevention, conflict resolution and mediation also allows her to help parents raise victimless children that are resilient to all forms of child abuse and bullying.
Now running her coaching business from home, Connie enjoys the physical activities of gardening, tennis and hiking along with the calming practices of yoga, meditation and other leisure interests that nourish her soul and enrich her life.

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