A budding author!


Everyone has to start somewhere and Logan Wideman has taken his first big step.  This young author is on the autism spectrum and his creative mind has led him to publish his first in what he hopes to be a series of chapter books. Tapping into your child’s interests at an early age and finding ways to express them is the best thing any parent/caregiver can do for any child. Bravo to Logan’s parents, and especially his grandmother who helped direct him on this path! Here is my review of Bo Jackson and the Extremely Mean Boxers.


Bo Jackson and the Extremely Mean Boxers by Logan Wideman is a very creative attempt for a budding new author. His first chapter book addresses the universal issue of bullying – something that many young readers can relate to. Told from the point of view of man’s best friend, a family of dogs sticks together to ward off the bullies that are bothering them.

In telling his tale, this young author shares some wise and important strategies with his readers. While banding together to help their friend, Bo Jackson, deal with this conflict the dogs learn the value of friendship and compassion. Can making friends with your enemies really work? Find out for yourself in Logan Wideman’s first publication of what promises to be a series of chapter books. A great author in the making!

—- Logan is eleven years old and lives in California with his parents, younger sister and their dogs.

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