Connie C. Hammer

Has your child recently been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

Are you confused by all the parenting information in the media about autism?

Do you worry about finding the right treatment for your autistic child? Are you concerned about locating the best educational programs? Are you uncertain about the diagnosis of an ASD? Do you wonder about the effectiveness of alternative treatments for autism?

Are you concerned that your work life will be compromised?

Do you question if going back to work will negatively impact your child? Are you concerned about leaving your autistic child with caretakers? Do you worry that your child will be made fun of when you are away from him? Are you concerned for your child’s safety?

Are you feeling more challenged and overwhelmed by day to day family life?

Is getting dressed, toileting, eating meals and shopping with your autistic child difficult?

You don’t have to struggle with these questions or concerns any longer. I can help!

I will guide you to uncover abilities for solutions, relief and results!

I will fine tune your parent-child relationship and boost your confidence, clarity and joy!

. . . and here is why.

Hi, I am Connie Hammer, founder of The Progressive Parent, LLC., a quality parent coaching business offering parent coaching services to parents of young children recently diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  As a certified parent coach and licensed social worker, who has acquired more than twenty years of experience working with families, I can guarantee you this:

Parenting is the most difficult job on the planet – regardless of your previous work or life experience! This is a job that lasts a lifetime, presents many challenges and requires adequate training and planning for success BUT it is a job where thinking ahead will pay big dividends! Trust me, you already have what it takes to be a great parent. Your unique child was given to YOU for a reason and I will help you identify that reason. I will guide you to uncover your abilities and adjust your parenting accordingly in order to fine tune your connection and make it sing. Taking the time now to carefully examine how you want to parent your unique child will provide you and your family with hours of future satisfaction and joy.

As a parent who wants to be the best possible parent you can be I invite you to discover three simple yet effective strategies that most parents tend to overlook! You will find them here in this 3-Part ecourse.

Parenting a Child with Autism – 3 Secrets to Thrive

You are not an incompetent parent – your parenting tool box is full of many wonderful things. Together we will explore the tools you have and learn which ones are most effective and how to master them.

This FREE e-course WILL help you fully utilize your parenting skills and restore your feelings of competence by:

  • exploring the reality of now
  • verifying what you already know and are capable of
  • growing your supportive community
  • examining everyday challenges and preparing for future ones

Let’s face it. Parenting is difficult for everyone! Every parent and every child has their limitations. Every parent and child also has their potential – let’s optimize yours!

Spending three or more hours of your time on this e-course now WILL provide you with countless years of confident, relaxed and joyous parenting.

Allow me to help you get one step closer to your parenting dream by acquiring my ecourse

Parenting a Child with Autism – 3 Secrets to Thrive

Part 1 will be sent immediately – Part 2 and 3 will arrive at three day intervals in order to give you adequate time with each.

I invite you to join other parents and accept this FREE offer so you also can parent with intention, not by default!

So, if you are struggling with the challenges that being a parent of an autistic child can bring, this FREE e-course is right for you!

So go ahead. Fill out the form above and I’ll send you this special e-course, as well as a Bonus Offer – a FREE Self-Care Inventory to assess how well you take care of yourself because the care of your children depends on your own self-care. I will send the ecourse and Bonus Offer right to your email inbox! And that’s not all. I will also register you to receive weekly parenting tips from my newsletter, The Spectrum.


Connie Hammer


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