We’re proud to offer the products below to our readers.  We are always on the lookout for ideas to develop new programs and products so please contact us if you have any suggestions for making your life as a parent of a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder easier.


Happy Parents, Happy Kids: Overcoming Autistic Behavioral Issues
Just picture yourself three to six months from now… You have clarity, confidence, and tools to address the challenges you face parenting your child with Autism. You are able to handle any situation easily and effortlessly. You are able to navigate planning and transitions for your child’s future with calm efficiency. And you have the strategies you need to help your child with Autism reach his or her greatest potential. It is possible to change behaviors and create new possibilities. It is possible to become a happier parent and have a happier child!


From Bathroom Battles to Bathroom Bliss:  Potty Training 101
Are you thinking about potty training your autistic child but not sure where to even begin? Or are you in the middle of this process and finding your efforts going right down the drain? Either way, this product is made for you!

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Taming the AM Rush
Are you a parent of a child with Autism who suffers from the – ‘I’m-an-intelligent-person-but-I-can’t-seem-to-get-everyone-in-gear-and-where-we-all-need-to-be-without-rushing-in-the-morning’ - syndrome?
It's time to call in the cavalry with our AM Rush series.

“I am a SLP and a parent of a child with Autism. I have signed up to receive your practice secrets for a stress-free morning (many of which I have already been doing, so I feel excited that I am on track with what the experts are suggesting). I have definitely seen a difference in our home with the strategies that I was already doing and with the new strategies I have started using from your daily emails. I look forward to receiving the remaining 3 tips!”

April McMillin, mom of 2, Arkansas



3 Simple Secrets for a Smooth Sail Back to School
Parents: Before you know it summer vacation time will come to an end and another school year will begin. You may be looking forward to seeing your cherubs board that yellow bus but at the same time, dreading the sometimes angst-causing shift it requires in your schedule. Are you unsettled by the thought of making yet another change in routine? And what about the anxiety your child with Autism might be feeling? You can lay all your fears to rest because support is at your fingertips with "3 Simple Secrets for a Smooth Sail Back to School" A program specifically designed to help you and your child conquer this back to school transition with a smile!