Take advantage of expert guidance to help you customize your approach to potty training your unique child and enhance your potential for success!

From Bathroom Battles to Bathroom Bliss: Potty Training 101

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Parents: Are you thinking about potty training your autistic child but not sure how to begin? Are you in the middle of toilet training but your efforts are going down the drain? Flush those worries and concerns away with this great opportunity...

Are you ready to tackle the job of potty training your child on the autism spectrum? Whether this is your first time, second or third attempt at it, I know you want to achieve success.


Here’s exactly what Potty Training 101 will supply:

This audio recording and four companion workbooks are designed to help you:

  • Gather useful information to create a program
  • Assess if you and your child are ready to begin
  • Make all the necessary preparations re: equipment, communication, environment, reward system, etc.
  • Develop a plan customized to your child’s unique needs

This very detailed program will also guide you to use these tools to:

  • Identify the appropriate level of training your child requires
  • Learn strategies to make toilet training stress free
  • Anticipate obstacles to help you stay the course
  • Address practical concerns regarding time and routine
  • Let go of guilt and judgment and save time and money

“This course is excellent.  Clear and structured – leading the reader right through the process.  For parents struggling with knowing where to start, and for things to consider, I’m sure it will be very helpful.

I like your question “is it just another resource to read”.  I’m getting a sense that many parents just don’t have the time to read general information, they want solutions and things they can do right away.  I think that your course is useful in that way, it’s not a book, it’s a course, broken down into small chunks with clear things to do. My review gives it a 10. Well done. It’s definitely user friendly.”

- Alan Yau, Autism Sparks

If you are confused about how to start and overwhelmed by the prospect of trying…Then lets work together to banish those potty training worries and concerns before they even begin to settle.

Stop second guessing myself & tackle toilet training with confidence. In addition, I will receive:

  • Bonus #1: Unlimited email access to Connie for one month after date of purchase. (a $300-$400 value) I’ll be able to ask questions and get individualized help with specific issues I may be facing.
  • Bonus #2: A sample social story about potty training (a $17 value) A social story is an alternative means of communication that I can read to my child to improve understanding of the task.
  • Bonus #3: A recording of a self-care workshop, Taking Care of Me – Improved Self-care to Benefit All (a $47 value) One of the biggest issues parents face is making sure they have time to take care of themselves. This recording will help you take care of yourself so you can survive potty training.
  • Bonus #4: In addition, I will also receive instant access to Connie’s ecourse, Parenting a Child with Autism – 3 Secrets to Thrive and her weekly parenting tip newsletter, The Spectrum.

So what’s the price?

You pay only $47 for the entire Potty Training 101 program.

If I worked one-on-one with you through on-site private coaching, it would cost you $1000 plus the expenses of bringing me to your location.

Even if we did the sessions via telephone, you would have to pay $400 for four sessions.

Yet, this program will only cost you $47 to achieve your goal.

Just think what life will be like once you help your child master this most important self-care skill. Isn’t it worth it?

Please Note: I will be sending all of these items via email. Please make sure you check your spam folder. Once payment is made you will be directed to our Potty Training 101 welcome page where you will be asked to enter your name and email address. Once this is done we will send your materials to you ASAP.