Are you a parent of a child with Autism who suffers from the – ‘I’m-an-intelligent-person-but-I-can’t-seem-to-get-everyone-in-gear-and-where-we-all-need-to-be-without-
rushing-in-the-morning’ - syndrome?

If so, I have an antidote for you – a mini video series ecourse!

Learn The Top Ten Secrets to a Stress Free Morning with a Child on the Autism Spectrum

This program will actually work for ANY parent who wants to create a morning routine that is more manageable, less stressful and puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Many young children have difficulty transitioning from sleep to wakefulness and children with Autism dislike it even more.

Wouldn’t you like to eliminate this roadblock and all the others that get put in your way each morning?
“”I am a SLP and a parent of a child with Autism.  I have signed up to receive your practice secrets for a stress-free morning (many of which I have already been doing, so I feel excited that I am on track with what the experts are suggesting).  I have definitely seen a difference in our home with the strategies that I was already doing and with the new strategies I have started using from your daily emails.  I look forward to receiving the remaining 3 tips!”
April McMillin, mom of 2, Arkansas

Well, this is your opportunity to take advantage of professional guidance to help you master this daily morning ritual with success!

Banish those morning routine blues that keep you mired in frustration and stuck in a discouraging pattern. It’s time to transform this negative energy from one that drains you into a positive one that energizes you.

Discover how to create an affirmative and upbeat energy to the beginning of your family’s day by making a small investment of:

  • Time – a minimum of 10 minutes each day!
  • Money – only $17, less than the cost of lunch out per day!

So what do you get for your $17?

  • A daily email message (250 words or less) everyday for two weeks that you can read immediately or save to view at a later time.
  • A short video of me (5-8 minutes) guiding you to implement a more peaceful morning routine that you can also save and watch at your convenience.
  • A bonus checklist on the last day so you can have all the tips in one place.
  • And a bonus article – Am I Enabling My Child or Pushing Too Much? – as well.
All that for only $17! What an economical way to transform your mornings! Register below to get started on your journey to a stress-free morning routine.
SPECIAL - Morning Rush!
SPECIAL - Morning Rush!
Price: $97.00
Price: $17.00