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Simple and Powerful!

I know you want specific guidance parenting your child and I understand that you are just too busy or your schedule is too hectic to commit to a regular phone coaching call.

That’s why I created email coaching, what I call my e-coaching program, as an easy way for you to get your most pressing questions answered as the need arises.  When you think of something you need help with, all you have to do is write it down and then head over to your computer and email it to me – one per day – at your convenience and on your time frame.  Doesn’t that sound more parent-friendly?

As my business grows and I move into coaching clients at higher-level programs, I want to continue to include e-coaching as part of my offerings (most coaches I know don’t…).  You know what I’ve discovered?  It’s one of my favorite ways to coach because I know it’s more convenient and affordable for you, and that’s what matters!

So, I offer this option in honor of meeting you where you’re at – addressing your need for accessibility and affordability.

I belive that email coaching is just as powerful, if not more so, than phone coaching – and here’s why:

When you send an email asking for help, the simple act of writing and sending it creates energy that initiates the process of an answer coming to you – and not just MY answer.


When you put a problem out into the world the synapses in your brain start firing (our brains can’t help but answer questions) to come up with a solution.

“I looked forward to learning something new everyday and I did. Being under your care has given me a chance to reconnect with my baby again. He and I have our own “thing” going on. I am secretly so happy I could burst inside. Not because everything is going well but because I won’t crumble and die when they don’t. I will pass the word on about your services because I think that you are awesome. Thanks so much for everything.”!”

Muhsinah, mother of Seth, age 6

e-coaching is just a whole lot easier for both of us –

  • we don’t have to schedule a call,
  • we don’t have to be tied to a phone, or even a computer (you can send me a question via your smartphone, if something occurs to you when you are out and about).
  • you don’t have to wait until your next session to get the support you need – you just send an email!
you’ll have a written record of our coaching to refer to instead of trying to remember what was said, or read your scribbled notes from a phone session. ;-)

Also, as an experienced coach, I know this to be true – that the real coaching happens between the sessions.

Now before we go further, let’s do a quick check-in…

Is your parenting where you want it to be right now?  Tell me honestly, are you satisfied with where your parenting is TODAY?  Or do you feel mostly overwhelmed, frustrated and alone in parenting your child?  Do you feel stuck and want to start moving forward again?  I know you’re not willing to throw in the towel because you are a parent whose desire is larger than your doubt.  Joining your desire to my guidance will help you take your parenting to the next level because…

I’ll be there to answer your questions and take your worries and concerns and replace them with relief, results, confidence and more joy in your parenting, day-by-day.

In this program, you get private personalized coaching that will answer all your questions about how to effectively and efficiently enhance your parenting, with a format that will be…

Focused on YOU. This is truly a personalized coaching experience with me. You will get answers to your questions that are focused on your situation. 

You will get answers that are:

Specific. I’m known for sharing the ‘how to’s’ for any parenting challenge or situation, whether it be strategic in nature or more nuts-and-bolts. In other words, I will specifically guide you on what to do next. If you take specific consistent action, you will get specific consistent results from our coaching.

Consistent. Speaking of consistency, not only will you get consistent coaching from me, you’ll also get the added bonus of consistent accountability. If we’re communicating almost daily, and you’ve made this investment in yourself and your child, then you are extremely likely to take action.

Honest. I’ll always tell you the truth as I see it. If you’re moving in a direction that I don’t think will serve you, I’ll tell you. If I think you’re spot on, I’ll tell you that too, with a celebration dance included. Sometimes what I share may not be what you want to hear, and sometimes you’ll be relieved for the validation. Either way, all of what we do together will maximize your parenting potential – authentically.

If you’re feeling a strong pull towards this program, then I’ll encourage you to secure your private e-coaching spot so we can get started TODAY.

We can cover anything about parenting your unique child. Really, the possibilities are endless. It’s really up to you what we cover. And in a format such as this, your most pressing questions are going to naturally rise to the top. Those questions may lead us in a different direction than you originally intended, but that’s my job as your coach, to guide you and shine a light on what you may not be able to see for yourself.

How does this all work?

In order for me to offer this program and for it to run efficiently and successfully for both of us, there are some parameters. Please read these before you sign up:

Terms of the e-Coaching Program:

1. One email per day. Each day (Monday – Thursday) you may send one question for me to answer. If you have more than one question on that day, make a note to send it the following day so I can answer that one too. You are encouraged to share context for your question – just be sure that you end with asking a specific question that I can answer for you.

If you send more than one question in your email, I won’t be able to answer it, in order for me to honor the other participants on the program, as well to avoid overwhelming you with action steps. Remember, this program is designed to give you just the next step you need so you actually put it into action right away.

On that note, keeping your questions clear and concise will allow me to give you a clear and concise answer – making it much easier for you to take action!

2. ECO Days: Earlier I said that experienced coaches understand that the coaching happens between sessions. In order to provide the container for shifts to happen (which will change the questions you ask, making it of even more value to you), we will be taking ECO Days – that’s E-Coaching Off Days. In addition to Friday, Saturday and Sunday off, there will be occasional major holidays that occur during our time together. Should we also have to take an additional ECO Day because I have to travel out of the office to an event, I will make arrangements to make it up.

3. This is YOUR program. What we coach on is up to you. You may have a certain parenting goal you’d like to focus solely on with my help for your entire program, or you may have a bunch of different tasks and challenges you need some guidance on.

4. Keep your questions realistic and reasonable. In addition to keeping your questions parent/child-focused, please don’t ask me silly questions. Having offered this program in the past, I have to make this request upfront ;-). For example, please don’t send questions like, “Please tell me the 20 most effective parenting strategies you know” or “What do I have to do to cure my child from Autism by the end of this program?” If you’re looking for the answers to those kinds of questions, this isn’t the program for you.

5. If you don’t send a question, you won’t get an answer.  I expect my clients to reach out for the help they’ve invested in.  If you’ve sent a question in, you’ll get an answer from me within 24 hours.  If you want me to respond by midnight that same day, you will need to have your new question sent to me by 9am Eastern Time (New York City Time).  If you’re in a different time zone and that’s too early for you, just send it the night before – it will be waiting for me in my inbox by 9am Eastern.  If you skip a day, you lose the opportunity to ask a question that day.  So, if you skip sending a question on Monday, you can’t just send two questions on Tuesday.  Quick Tip:  If you have lots of questions, that’s great, just write them down as they come to you on a piece of paper or file on your computer.  That way you’ll always have a question ready to ask to take full advantage of your program.

So let’s get started with your…

Private, Daily E-Coaching Support  ~
Simple & Powerful

Here’s the 3 simple steps for getting started today:

Step 1: Sign up & Receive My Private Email Address 

After you sign up for the program you’ll receive a welcome email with my designated email address. In that email will also be a few questions that I’d like you to answer so I can get to know your parenting situation a bit better.

Step 2: Send Me the Answers to My Questions (this will be counted as Your First Coaching Question)

Step 3: Implement My Answers 
Every coaching day (Monday-Thursday), you’ll receive an email back from me with my answer to your most recent question. (Remember, if you don’t send a question, you won’t hear from me.)

Then all you have to do is take action, even if it’s in some small way, on the answers you receive from me.

By the end of our 30 days together, your parenting will be in a different place. How much so depends on how much you actually DO with the guidance I’ll be giving you. Our coaching can cover anything that has to do with parenting your child.

Sounds Great, Connie!

So, what’s my investment? What’s the bottom line?

No song and dance here: your investment is just $97 $60 per month.

Yup – you get one month of private, personalized e-coaching with me for just $97 $60 per month- that allows you to ask more questions than you could in one private coaching session!

To give you a sense of the value, my private coaching sessions (one hour) starts at $200, depending on the level of the program.

But you get to ask me a question per day for an entire month for just $97 $60 per month

If this program feels right to you, then don’t wait to reserve your spot, ok? My quota for this e-coaching program is only five people at a time. 

I’m ready to take you from where you are to where you want to be…let me maximize your greatest potential as well as your child’s by transforming your parenting world!

Reserve Your Private Coaching spot now! 

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