Parents: Are you thinking about potty training your autistic child but not sure how to begin? Are you in the middle of toilet training but your efforts are going down the drain? Flush those worries and concerns away with ...

From Bathroom Battles to Bathroom Bliss:
Potty Training 101

There is no such thing as generic advice or information. Every child has a unique way of experiencing and relating to the world. The diversity of kids, especially those on the Autism spectrum, makes it almost impossible to address each situation with a single program, book or presentation.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to potty training any child! – therefore a customized program is essential.

How does a parent create one?

Acquiring information is the first step, implementing it is the next step – and usually the most challenging. That is why I make myself available to you via email with the purchase of this potty training program. For up to one month after purchase I am here to help you tweak your plan as you go to make sure it is truly customized to the needs of your child.

Need to know a bit more before you decide? I understand, so here is an opportunity to take a look at a piece of the program. Sign up using the form on the right to get your sneak peak of an excerpt from the transcript of the audio recording to the teleclass that is included in the program.

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