Private Coaching with Connie Hammer

Are you confused, anxious and distraught by a recent diagnosis of Autism for your child?

Are you chronically overwhelmed with parenting your child with Autism?

If you’re like many parents with a child on the Autism spectrum, you are battling with overwhelm, challenged by many unknowns, and concerned about your child’s future.

I can help you break this cycle and teach you how to customize your parenting to address your child’s unique needs in the best way possible. My private coaching sessions will reduce your stress, enhance your confidence and transform your parenting skills to maximize your child’s potential.

Just picture yourself three to six months from now, living the family life you dream of.

  • Imagine having the clarity, confidence and tools to address all issues that arise from parenting a child with Autism.
  • Envision yourself preventing other challenges from developing into unmanageable situations.
  • Visualize yourself addressing your child’s future with a calm efficiency.
That’s right, there you are, with all the strategies you need to handle any situation and help your child with Autism reach his or her greatest potential. It’s possible!

When you enter into a coaching relationship with me, we learn from each other. That’s right, I am not the only expert – you are an expert as well. YOU have the power within you to create positive change and my job is to help you access that know-how and transform it into the amazing potential it was meant to be.

You will learn how to turn your confusion, concerns and worries into confident actions that lead to positive outcomes for all. You will learn how to develop a customized approach that will meet your child’s unique needs in a timely fashion. Working with me will help you stop spinning your wheels, and actually move you forward in the new life that has been dealt to you.

But I won’t lead you on. Coaching is not a magic bullet. It works wonders, but it doesn’t work overnight. It’s a process and a journey that I will guide you through but you need to be an active participant. If you want to create positive change for yourself, your child and your family, this effort is required whether you hire me or not, so why not make it easier with my help? BUT if you’re not ready and willing to be coached, you won’t get results.

Coaching is a commitment and if you really want it to work you have to be honest with me, and with yourself. I count on your willingness to experiment with strategies, and to make observations about yourself. And, quite simply, you’ve got to be willing to invest the time and energy. I know more time and energy sounds impossible to find right now but my job is to help you make that happen. Only then will the cycle end and things begin to shift.

Am I the Right Coach for You?
“For over twenty years I have been energetically guiding frustrated, lost and confused parents to achieve their parenting hopes, joys and dreams. As parent educator, consultant and certified parent coach, I am passionate about helping parents of children on the Autism spectrum uncover abilities to change possibilities. As licensed social worker I currently consult with and coach parents in person or by phone from across the country and English-speaking world. With the PCI Parent Coaching certification I acquired from the Parent Coaching Institute on 2006, I helps parents adjust to the new life that caring for a child with Autism brings and save them valuable time in getting their child’s special needs met. Whether I am guiding parents to manage everyday battles or accomplish long-term goals, helping parents optimize their child’s potential in the neuro-typical world energizes me.”
Connie Hammer

If you are not sure I’m the right coach for you, then I suggest subscribing to my complimentary weekly parenting newsletter, The Spectrum, or following me on my blog. This will help you get a good sense of my personality, my expertise and coaching style.
If you don’t want to wait until you read my newsletters or my posts before getting started with coaching, then take advantage of my complimentary 15-min phone consultation and we can have an informal chat – I can listen to your story and you can see if we are a good fit for one another.

I only work with a handful of private clients depending on my schedule. This way, I still get to enjoy coaching (which I love and I’m pretty darn good at) and I have plenty of time and energy to give my clients the attention they deserve.

“Before contacting Connie I felt frustrated by how I was parenting, desperate for different dynamics between my daughter and I, exhausted by our daily struggles.  I desperately wanted to be the mom I had envisioned but found myself instead dreading to leave the house, afraid of the inevitable chaos and struggle that would face with my daughter, instead.

After working with Connie, I am now much closer to being the mom I want to be.  Connie instantly gave me tools to assess what my daughter needed to successfully thrive in her world and ideas for me to provide that environment for her.  She was able to assess our situation through asking questions and give powerful, useful suggestions to improve how I parent. Change began almost instantly in our household and our home is a more joyful place.  Connie helped me to understand my daughter is a highly visual learner and listener and shared concrete methods to help me guide her through visual cues. Connie provided detailed notes of our sessions adding links to relevant articles and very helpful Internet sites.  Connie shared an abundant amount of insight and guidance that positively transformed my understanding of who my daughter is and what she needs in her mom.

Connie renewed my parenting techniques and I feel more confident in who I am as a mom and in understanding my daughter.  My family and friends have commented on the positive change they witness.  I am very grateful for the gift of transformation Connie shared with me.  I love my daughter more than I can express but now I feel I am becoming the mom she so deserves thanks to Connie.

You made a profound change in our lives and I’m so very, very grateful.”

Mom to Lila
Portland, Maine

Coaching Options & Fees

I offer three options for coaching with me, Emergency Coaching, Proactive Parent Coaching, and E-Coaching. The vast majority of my clients are long-term, but you’re more than welcome to book me for an emergency laser session if you have just one or two small issues to tackle. Some parents book an emergency coaching session as a trial before continuing on to a longer term coaching relationship.

E-Coaching with Connie Hammer
E-Coaching with Connie Hammer
This e-coaching program is an easy way for you to get your most pressing concerns addressed as the need arises - without having to wait for the next appointment. When you think of something you need help with, all you have to do is email me one question per day at your convenience and on your time frame. Doesn’t that sound parent-friendly?
Price: $260.00
Price: $60.00
Proactive Parent Coaching

Each Proactive Parent Coaching Session comes with:

    • E-mail access to your coach
    • Follow-up summaries for your records
    • Resources supplied as needed
    • Confidentiality guaranteed
Proactive Parent Consult
Proactive Parent Consult
30-minute consult via phone or Skype.
Price: $100.00
Price: $20.00
Phone Number or Skype ID:
Proactive Parent Coaching | Three (3) Session Package
Proactive Parent Coaching | Three (3) Session Package
Three (3) 60-minute coaching sessions via phone or Skype, to be used within six (6) months of purchase.
Price: $300.00
Price: $75.00
Phone Number or Skype ID:
Proactive Parent Coaching | Transformational Change Package
Proactive Parent Coaching | Transformational Change Package
Six (6) 60-minute coaching sessions via phone or Skype, to be used within a nine (9) month period from date of purchase.
Price: $600.00
Price: $120.00
Phone Number or Skype ID:
Proactive Parent Coaching | Transformational Change Plus Package
Proactive Parent Coaching | Transformational Change Plus Package
Twelve (12) 60-minute coaching sessions via phone or Skype, to be used within a twelve (12) month period from date of purchase.
Price: $1,200.00
Price: $180.00
Phone Number or Skype ID:
Emergency Coaching
Emergency Coaching | Single Session
Emergency Coaching | Single Session
One 60-minute laser coaching session via phone or Skype. One follow-up email.
Price: $200.00
Price: $30.00
Phone Number or Skype ID:
Emergency Coaching | Emergency Plus Package
Emergency Coaching | Emergency Plus Package
One 60-minute laser coaching session via phone or Skype
Four (4) 15-minute tune-ups via phone or Skype to be used within three (3) months.
Price: $200.00
Price: $45.00
Phone Number or Skype ID:

Still Have Questions?

If you’ve read this page in its entirety and are anxious to begin the journey to transform your parenting and can afford my coaching fees (please note that payment plans are available), but still have questions about working with me then please send an email to and include your phone number and some good times to reach you during the day. I will call you personally to answer all your questions.  Don’t worry, I will not try to “sell” you or push you into signing up for coaching with me.  That’s just not the way I work.

If you are ready to work with me as your private parenting coach, then do sign up now so we can get started! You can break the cycle of overwhelm and move towards a future full of amazing possibilities. My pledge to you is, “Invite me to become your parenting partner and I will transform your parenting world.”