Parent Coaching for Autism offers many workshops and tele-classes/seminars on various parenting topics. Here is a partial list:

  • Managing Your ASD Child’s Unique Behavior
  • Helping your Child with Autism Transition Back to School
  • Tackling Toilet Training with Ease
  • Dealing with Your Child’s Diagnosis of Autism
  • Strategies for a Stress-free Morning Routine
  • Friends: Staying Connected After the Diagnosis
  • Successful Substitutes for Time-outs
  • The Challenges of Parenting in a Media Age
  • Taking Care of Your Special Needs
  • The Special Needs Blended Family
  • Reducing Sibling Rivalry
  • The Positive Power of Family Meetings
  • To Praise or Not to Praise

Should you want more detailed information on any of the above or have a request for a particular topic not already mentioned, please contact me.